our team. 我们的团队

  • We are a professional team that shares a mission in pursuit  of excellence in education through care, patience, hard work and determination.

  • All our teachers are qualified and  professionals. Besides our SPM, STPM and Diploma Staff, we also have engaged a number of Degree Holders who are skilled in specialize areas of education.  Our teachers are committed to continuous professional development, curriculum research and innovations. (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social)
  • 我们的员工是一支有高度使命感,对教育热忱,用爱心与耐心,尽力为理想的教育而努力的团队。我们集团的师全职资平均教学年资为大约8年的经验,是市场其中一间占作师资年资优势的佼佼者。
  • - 我们的教师资深而专业,除了SPM,STPM及Diploma的教师外,我们还聘请有多名专科大学毕业生,大家不断学习进修,在校内针对课程内容及教学模式,进行专业研究与创新,使课程更丰富,生动和贴切。
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chart 1



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