our partnership. 我们的伙伴


Apple King management are a group of highly skilled professionals that consists of the very experienced educationists, construction and building experts and corporate and management consultants that works together to achieve high effectiveness and efficiency in our daily operations.



Parents are our closest partners. We work in close collaboration through frequent informal communication and regularly organize functions such as seminars, Parent's day and many other parent-students interactive activities.

We share mutual strengths and supports, to lead our students towards academic successes and other achievements.



Apple King teachers are our assets.  Their dedication and creativity make everything possible.  The close relationship among management, parents and teachers have established a strong linkage and bonding that synergize the power of implementation which helps to foster the sense of belonging and ownership of "Apple King" brand name.

教师团队是金苹果文教机构的资产。教师们通过无私的奉献及无穷的创意,让许多的不可能变为可能。管理层、教师及家长这个铁三角的坚固关系推动金苹果的许多发展计划, 也令大家更同心,也更有归宿感。



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