our mission. 我们的使命

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We strive to provide our students with …
  • A compassionate school environment.
  • The highest standards of well-rounded care throughout the school
    ( Physical, Intellectual, Emotional & Social ).
  • A stimulating learning culture.
  • An effective multi-faceted teaching approach.
  • Maximum opportunities to realize their own abilities and interests.
  • 提供一个充满爱与关怀的环境。
  • 提供全面智能、体能、情绪及社会上的关怀与呵护。
  • 提供一个富有启发性的学习文化。
  • 提供有效率,多元化与配合最新的社会发展的教学模式。
  • 提供充分的机会,让学生认识自己的能力和兴趣。



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