our belief. 我们的信念

happy_children 02
It is our profound belief ……
  • That every child is unique and distinctive in his/her own way.
  • That a child brought up in a compassionate environment learns to deal with the world positively with an optimistic attitude.
  • That trust, encouragement and support is the foundation for building a child’s self-respect, self-worth and self-confidence.
  • That a child’s development is a summative series of breakthroughs in his/her learning process.
  • That a child’s stable and happy development is based on his/her confidence in facing challenges, ability and persistence in problem solving, courage in accepting failure, and an accumulation of successful experiences in achievements.
  • That a child’s pre-school phase of education and development is of critical importance. Individual abilities and specific needs should be properly recognized and the most suitable level of guidance and support should be given. Opportunities should also be constantly created for the child to experience achievements and successes.
  • 每一位孩子都是唯一及独特的。
  • 在爱与关怀下成長的孩子懂得開放心灵,用乐观和积极迎接每一天。
  • 信任,鼓励和支持是孩子建立自尊,自愛,自信的基础。
  • 成長是一連串的学习与突破。
  • 稳健与愉快的成长建基於“面对挑战的信心”, “解决困难的能耐”,”接受失败的勇气”及 “成功经验的累积”。
  • 学前教育是成長中的重要关键。要暸解孩子的能力与需要, 提供適當的指导与支援,时刻制造机會让他們得享愉快而成功的经验,才能奠定孩子日后成功的基础,令孩子终生受用。



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