Apple King Educational Group established its first kindergarten at Sg. Chua Kajang in year 2000 by our group founder, Madam Lau Huong Ching and after a decade in the market, with co-operation from teachers and gaining supports of parents, we have become a household name in Kajang. We have done, are doing and will do our utmost best in guiding and motivating our students with our staff of obliging teachers so as to ensure a group of happy students thus bring relieve to their parents.

It has always been Apple King Educational Group's policy to implement five very important criteria in the preschool education, which is a pre-requisite of our teachers to be caring, loving, patience, conscientious and dedicated so that learning will be a joy and fun filled experience for our students.

The following are Apple King Group records and achievements:



Record and achievements

2000   Established Apple King Kindergarten Sungai Chua, Kajang.
2002   Established Apple King Tuition Centre Sungai Chua, Kajang.
2003   Established Apple King Child Development Centre Sungai Chua, Kajang.
2006   Established Apple King Kindergarten & Tuition Centre Semenyih, Kajang.
2008   Established Apple King Kindergarten & Tuition Centre Petaling Jaya.
2010   Established Apple King Tuition Centre Metro Avenue, Kajang.
2011   Established Apple King Kindergarten Bangi.



在不断茁壮成长的岁月里,金苹果文教机构以清晰的办学理念配合金苹果5心级教学法 (关心、爱心、耐心、用心、尽心)务求达到因材施教及有教无类的教育使命 。






2000   成立加影锡米山金苹果幼儿园。
2002   成立加影锡米山金苹果安亲补习中心。
2003   成立加影锡米山金苹果智能开发中心。
2006   成立加影士毛月金苹果幼儿园及金苹果安亲补习中心。
2008   成立八打灵再也(PJ)金苹果安亲补习中心及金苹果幼儿园分校。
2010   成立加影金苹果安亲补习中心(Metro Avenue育华分校)。
2011   成立万宜金苹果幼儿园分校。



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